Integrated Choice Sdn Bhd offers wide variety of services to assist our partners in ensuring a hassle free deployment from system design to system training.
  • Training


    We are the only certified MOBOTIX trainer in Malaysia, Training Facility available to accomodate up to 12 participant, We are conducting training in quarterly basis to ensure all partners get the adequate exposure, Training equipment available for participant hands-on, We can also assist you to train your system operator on site
  • Consultation


    Let us know your problem and we can assist to tailor a solution for you, We can also assist you in preparing A&E system specification for a complete system to ensure the system meet the user requirement, Need help with Product Selection, System Design, Storage capacity calculation or PC specification? Let us know.
  • Demonstration


    Special Pricing for Demo equipment, Assist you to setup a system Presentation / POC to the client, Showroom with the latest camera system
  • Support


    - Having started IP CCTV since 2001, we have vast experience in IP CCTV system to ensure smooth deployment - System Testing and Commissioning - Remote assistance over the internet to assist in system troubleshooting - Drop us a call if internet is not an option - On-site support if all else fail
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